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Who We Are

The Successful Musik Group is an audio production, mastering, and music licensing company with a commitment not only to the tangible nature of our service, but also the experience of our clients. We are differentiated by the caliber of our team members, the quality of our audio production work, our emphasis on creating an unparalleled customer experience, and the collaborative nature of the service. Our team members are marked by a continued desire to learn, positive attitude, and leadership mentality. Additional revenue streams for of the Successful Musik Group include sales of Successful Musik branded merchandise, website development, and investment income.

How We Work

The Successful Musik Production process is highly interactive and thorough. We have found that spending additional time to gain clarity as to what exactly our clients want and interacting with them frequently during the production process not only leads to more satisfied customers, but also saves time and resources. Our clients can take confidence in our commitment to do all that it takes to meet their production needs in a timely and efficient manner. Therefore, we are selective of who we choose to service and have clients go through an interviewing service so that we can further understand who they are, the details of what they want, and ultimately whether we can effectively service them.

Our Future

We provide service to top tier independent musicians and small businesses with a focus in the Chicago, Fort Wayne, Columbus, and Washington, D.C markets. We require interviews with prospective clients with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of their background(s) and give them the opportunity to learn more about the Successful Musik Group and what we have to offer. After these interviews, we are able to determine whether we would like to take on a client and if we have the capabilities of providing them with the service that he/she needs.

"We live for and love EVERY single one of our clients."
The Successful Musik Group

Learn More AboutOur Teamof Music Professionals

Emani Hollingsworth

Producer: Chicago's own Emani (Mani) F. Hollingsworth, also known as “ManiOnTheTrack”, is dedicated to raising the bar not only for other producers, but also himself. Mani understands that in a fiercely competitive market for urban music, the ability to differentiate himself from the crowd is vital to success. Emani also plays several instruments including the trumpet, drums, and piano. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as a live musician. For him,…

Tony Daughtery

Chief of Sales/Promotions: Tony Daughtery is originally from Angola Indiana and has over seven years of experience in the world of sales and networking. He relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2010 in an effort to expand his network and cultivate professional relationships in a new environment.  It is in Fort Wayne that he was recognized by local music talents for his networking abilities and was asked to represent a group of aspiring…


Producer/Lyricist: T-Zank is committed to making an impact not only through his music, but also through his brand and message. He has dealt with personal shortcomings, doubt, and health issues that have threatened his ability to make music. However, his drive, perseverance, and a refusal to succumb to negativity has motivated T-Zank to come out on top every time. The message in his music is one that everyone can relate…

David Sentongo

Owner and Executive Producer: David Sentongo has spent the last 5 years honing his skills as is a composer, producer, and engineer while developing his own signature sound. He has spent extensive amounts of time producing and mixing tracks so as to achieve the most professional sound and provide maximum value to his clients. David has worked with several record labels and has done work for well renown artists such…
"The path to realization of your dreams is a lonely road. Rewards are worth it though."
The Successful Musik Group

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Our core services include music production and audio engineering. Our team of in house music producers is well equipped and dedicated to going the extra mile so as to exceed your expectations.

Radio Edits

Individual radio-edits can be done for clients upon request. Radio edits are versions of a recording that are made suitable for radio by filtering out profanity and re-arranging a record for radio-play.

Jingle Production

Our in house producers are well equipped to develop jingles for your business.

Tags for DJs

The Successful Musik Group can produce custom tags for DJs to use throughout live sets and personal mixes.


Clients can come to us with purchased production from other producers in efforts to have it remade by our in-house producers.


We encourage our in house producers to remix their favorite records in order to fine tune their sound and keep their ears fresh. We can entirely remix a record for which you present us with vocals.

Ground Up Music Production

Non-Exclusive Production License

A non-exclusive Successful Musik license allows for the client to use the production(s) on free projects. No compensation is allowed for use of the production(s) licensed and Successful Musik still owns complete rights to production(s). The production(s) can be licensed nonexclusively to other clients at will.

Exclusive Production License: $500 per recording

An exclusive production license allows for the recording artist to use the production(s) on projects for compensation. The production is taken off of the market and Successful Musik cannot license the production(s) to any other client without nullifying the previous exclusive license(s). The exclusive license(s) cannot be nullified without a written and signed document expressing both the consent of Successful Musik and the client to nullify the exclusive agreement.

Dance Mix/Mash-Ups

We can make a mix/mash-up of several records for videos, dance(s), and anything else that our clients need mash-ups for.

Audio Mastering Services

We provide audio mastering services to clients who may simply need their mixes to be enhanced sonically. Audio mastering is the final and most important stage in the mixing process. During the mastering stage, the audio is closely analyzed for issues regarding balance and the relationship between frequencies in the mix. It is integral to get things right during this stage since poorly balanced mixes can be a turn-off to listeners and even compromise the overall message of the recording. Our clients can submit mastering inquiries though our website or over the phone. We encourage them to meet with us face-to-face to discuss their vision concerning the recordings. In order to master recordings, we need tracked-out versions of a client’s recordings with No-FX, provided either on a flash drive our through the online file hosting service, drop box.

To learn more about how we price our services, feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the website. We will follow up with you promptly and arrange for a consultation.

—-Review Some of Our Work Below—-

Ashanti-Never Should Have (Successful Musik Remix produced in collaboration with DJ Allstyle)

T Zank-Feel You


T Zank-This Is Me


Endless Praise-Turn It Up (Successful Musik Remix)

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